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Tea sheet 1

Tea sheet 1

  Tea meal, alias tea bran, tea dried, tea seed cake. Purplish brown granules. Tea meal contains 12-17% tea saponin, a haemolytic toxin that dissolves red blood cells in fish, killing wild fish, loach, snail, mussel, frog eggs, tadpoles and some aquatic insects. Tea saponin is easily soluble in alkaline water, add a small amount of lime water when using, the effect is better. Because of the high protein content of tea meal, it is also a kind of efficient organic fertilizer, which can enrich the pond with little silt and poor bottom quality. The tea meal produced by changde fuhua agricultural development co., LTD is widely used for killing insects in fish pond and high grade lawn. It's also a great organic fertilizer. The use of tea meal as pond clearing drug has more unique efficacy than other drugs.
  1. Tea meal, as a green medicine, can decompose itself and is safe to use.
  2, it does not kill water plants, water plants have the effect of promoting growth.
  3, shrimp, crab larvae without side effects, and can promote shrimp, crab shell, thereby promoting shrimp, crab growth.
  4. It has the effect of increasing fertilizer efficiency, which can significantly improve the emergence rate of shrimp seedlings and young crabs in the ponds where shrimp seedlings and young crabs are bred.

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