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Tea seed powder is used for raising shrimp in 60 eyes

60 mesh tea seed powder 3

60 mesh tea seed powder 3

  60 mu tea seed powder, can stimulate the prawn body secretes hormones promote molting, used in tea seed powder can promote the prawn breeding each molt, if found the shrimp body growth is slow, shrimp shell and black spots more deeper, feels a sense of rough, probably because the shrimp in the each molt difficulties, 1 to 2 days before each molt period of the use of tea seed powder can help promote the moulting shell of shrimp, shrimp growth on track. In shrimp breeding, ciliates and black spot disease are found. In addition to necessary insecticide and disinfection, tea seed powder is also a good method to exuviate the shells of prawns, so that the attached ciliates or black spots will fade with the shells. Generally can use 10-30 jin/mu/meter.
  Note: although tea seed powder does not directly cause shrimp poisoning, it may strongly stimulate shrimp larvae to molt, resulting in molt barrier or direct soft shell, and then cause greater environmental discomfort and death. Therefore, attention should be paid to the health condition of shrimp when using tea seed powder. If it is already ill or weak, it is better not to use it, because it will promote the deciduous shell of prawns, and then cause other stress symptoms

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