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Tea seed powder for hardware of 120 mesh

120 mesh tea seed powder 2

120 mesh tea seed powder 2

  Can be used for industrial polishing surfactant, electroplating cleaning and oil remover. Tea meal is a kind of pure plant surfactant with excellent performance in industrial application, especially in the field of metal processing auxiliaries and industrial auxiliaries. Mainly used in the market for hardware parts before electroplating cleaning and deoiling treatment, and polishing machinery industry. This kind of tea powder can be used for polishing and processing of parts after electroplating, which can make the processed parts more moist and bright. Natural environmental protection electroplating oil removal detergent used as a metal cleaner seed powder contains surface active ingredients can produce foam infiltration oil removal seal acid gas escape emulsion lubricant penetration to accelerate the cleaning speed in the electroplating industry is widely used in the roller grinding process.

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