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350 mesh daily tea seed powder

350 mesh tea seed powder

350 mesh tea seed powder

  Household detergents, detergents, shampoos. Natural, environmental protection, no pollution, from nature.
  1, when washing chopsticks, add a spoonful of washing powder in hot water, the chopsticks immersion, can quickly remove oil, or with a dishcloth stained with washing powder, light wipe chopsticks, and then rinse with water, easy to wash and clean.
  2, oil is serious, such as lampblack machine, gas stove, ceramic tile wall, with wet sponge stained with washing powder, light test appliance, and then dry with wet towel, can remove oil, bright as new.
  3, soak vegetables, fruits, can decompose to remove pesticide residues, eat safely.
  4, bath, in the bathtub, add three spoonfuls of washing powder, not only can clean the skin, but also can kill the skin fungus, prevent skin disease, protect skin health.
  5, women's menstrual period, for cleaning can be sterilized, protect women's health.
  6, with its shampoo, can dandruff antipruritic, hair anti - off, after washing hair soft glossy.
  7, with its foot soak, can clean the skin, kill foot bacteria, cure beriberi.
  8. Wash the gold and silver ornaments, soak for 10 minutes and rinse with water, which is bright as new and no corrosion to the ornaments
  9, with its water watering flowers, can kill insects sterilization, increase fertilizer efficiency

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