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tea granules2

  Tea meal contains 12-17% tea saponin, a haemolytic toxin that dissolves red blood cells in fish, killing wild fish, loach, snail, mussel, frog eggs, tadpoles and some aquatic insects. Tea saponin is easily soluble in alkaline water, add a small amount of lime water when using, the effect is better. Because of the high protein content of tea meal, it is also a kind of efficient organic fertilizer, which can enrich the pond with little silt and poor bottom quality. The tea meal produced by changde fuhua agricultural development co., LTD is widely used for killing insects in fish pond and high grade lawn. It's also a great organic fertilizer. The use of tea meal as pond clearing drug has more unique efficacy than other drugs.
  Detailed indicators
  Tea saponin 15% or higher
  Protein is 14% or higher
  Lake powder 30-47%
  Fiber 10% or higher
  The water of 9% or less
  USES of tea meal:
  One, clear pond disinfection. Tea meal and lime or tea meal and bleach mixed use, there are separate tea meal cleaning pond disinfection. Tea meal in clear pond disinfection with a drug of low cost, local materials easy, quick to poison, no residue phytotoxicity, high turnover, etc. Not only can kill buried in mud in various low-quality miscellaneous fish, but also can kill all kinds of eggs, tadpole, leeches, and screw, mussel, clam, and plays a protective role of aquatic plants. Tea pulp clear pond generally with water clear pond disinfection. Use 15-20 grams of tea meal for each cubic water body, first soak in water for 1-2 hours, and then pour water and slag into the water, plus 50 grams of quicklime water mixed with dissolved water for each cubic water body. Tea meal under the action of light, water temperature, salinity, pH value and bacterial decomposition, can cultivate rich plankton to provide a large amount of bait for the fish species or adult fish in the pond, and can be cultured after 7 to 10 days. If you do not mix with lime disinfection, you can mix with bleach disinfection. The method is to use 2.5kg ~ 3kg bleach water to sprinkle the whole pond for 4 hours ~ 5 hours, then the whole pond to sprinkle the pre-soaked tea meal water, the bleach toxicity disappears quickly, 5 days ~ 7 days after fish cultivation. If tea meal is used alone to clear the pond, fish can be planted after the toxicity disappears for 7 to 8 days.
  Second, remove miscellaneous fish
  If shrimp pond accidentally mixed with fish, grab a feed, affect shrimp growth, many farmers have a headache, then there is a drug can kill fish but not kill shrimp? Yes, this is tea seed cake. Tea saponin in tea seed cake has hemolysis and fish toxicity. The hemolytic mechanism of tea saponin is that saponins cause the permeability change of the membrane containing cholesterol, destroy the activity of the membrane, and then lead to cytoplasmic extravasation, and finally make the red blood cell disintegrate and deactivate. Tea saponins only have hemolytic effect on red blood cells, but have no effect on white blood cells and shrimp blood cells. The mechanism of fish toxicity is that tea saponin destroys gill tissues, and the epithelial cells of the gills enter the microvessels, causing hemolysis and leading to fish poisoning and death. However, the composition and structure of shrimp gills and fish gills are completely different. In addition, the oxygen carrier of shrimp is blood blue, while fish blood is heme, so tea saponin has no toxic effect on shrimp.
  General usage in 40 jin/mu/meter or so can achieve the effect. Generally kill fish effect period is 3 days, kill fish with oxygen machine hit water wave to have no bubble basically did not affect.
  Third, snail control
  If there are snails in the shrimp pond, then you can use tea seed cake, it is best to use 100 jin/mu/meter tea seed cake soaked for 1 day and night before the seedlings, and then sprinkle the whole pond with residue and juice. Tea saponin has a certain killing effect on oncomelania hupensis, which affects the mating of oncomelania hupensis, reduces the chance of egg fertilization, and reduces the density of oncomelania hupensis. Tea saponin has a high inhibitory effect on egg hatching and a high toxic effect on whelk larvae.
  Fourth, promote molting
  Tea saponin can stimulate the prawn body secretes hormones promote molting, breeding used in tea seed cake can contribute to the shedding of shrimp shell, if it is found that the shrimp body, slow growth of shrimp shell black spots is more deep, feels a sense of rough, probably because the shrimp in the each molt difficulties, 1 to 2 days before each molt period of the use of tea seed cake can help promote the moulting shell of shrimp, shrimp growth on track. In shrimp breeding, ciliates and black spot disease are found. In addition to necessary insecticide and disinfection, tea seed cake is also a good method to exuviate the shells of prawns, so that the attached ciliates or black spots will fade with the shells. Generally can use 10-30 jin/mu/meter.
  Note: although tea seed cake does not directly cause prawn poisoning, it may strongly stimulate shrimps to molt, resulting in molt barrier or direct soft shell, and then cause greater environmental discomfort and death. Therefore, when using tea seed cake, attention should be paid to the health condition of shrimp body. If it is already ill or weak, it is better not to use it, because it will promote the molting of prawns, and then cause other stress symptoms.
  Five, the culture of water
  With the function of tea seed cake from water is various, in addition to the early stage of the breeding fertilizer made from water, in the mid-late actual breeding process, the use of tea seed cake, after will find HaTang water is changed, and even changed the algal HaTang phase (early water culture method is: the tea seed cake mashed immerse in 2 days, all splashing pool). In the process of breeding, especially in later period, there will be too thick water quality, water quality aging phenomenon, sometimes with general living bacterium is difficult to adjust, then you can choose to use tea seed cake, the dosage of per mu at 20 jins, can effectively remove aging algae, cultivate new algae, improve water quality, water tender becomes cool, at the same time, tea seed cake is rich in protein and a small amount of fat, and amino acids and other nutrients, algae also can be used as a fertilizer, for the use of algae to absorb.
  Matters needing attention in the cultivation of South American white prawns in open pond during "three furrows"
  During the three periods of this year, the open pond culture of South American white prawn was affected by typhoon, rainstorm and high temperature. The temperature difference fluctuates greatly, the long period of overcast rain leads to the algae growth is not flourishing, the water dissolved oxygen is low, the water quality is difficult to control and other factors. In the process of recent household survey and guidance, some large farming households in the area were investigated and found some problems in the cultivation technology and management of outdoor ponds. The attention of farmers was drawn to the following aspects:
  1. During the period of three volts, the water level of the pond should be about 2 meters to prevent the rise of excessive temperature and temperature difference.
  2. Accurately grasp the weather change of 3 days. Sterilize, change the bottom and fertilize the water in the pond at noon on a sunny day to ensure detoxification and fertilization in the morning on a sunny day.
  3. Typhoons and rainstorms are frequent, and vitamin C and glucose should be timely applied to the water body for emergency treatment before the arrival of typhoons and rainstorms.
  4, in the typhoon storm to reduce the amount of feeding, strictly control the amount of feeding. During the long rainy season, feeding should be stopped to reduce the emergency caused by the rainstorm and ensure the proper salinity of the water.
  5. Strengthen the sudden increase of air temperature after the rainstorm during the period of three periods, we should pay attention to the regulation of water quality in time, supplement immune polysaccharide, vitamin c, and apply phosphorus, calcium and magnesium in the feed to supplement trace elements.
  6, improve the dissolved oxygen of the water in the pond, increase the starting time of the aerator, and use various aeration equipment to add oxygen to the water.
  7. Timely supplement of beneficial biological bacteria and comprehensive utilization of photosynthetic bacteria, bacillus and high-concentration EM strains to stabilize water quality and prevent the occurrence of large areas of cyanobacteria.
  8, careful management and careful observation, every morning and evening to timely observe the feeding of South American white shrimp, according to the speed of feeding, water quality changes, weather conditions for reasonable feeding.

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