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What is tea meal

author: baidu baike source: baidu baike

  Tea meal is also called tea bran, tea seed cake, the particles show purple brown, is the residue cake of oil tea seed after oil extraction, the effective component is saponin, is also a plant source pesticide, used for washing chemical industry, machine rust.
  It is the residue of wild camellia oil. Tea meal contains 12-18% tea saponins. Tea saponin is a kind of hemolytic toxin that can dissolve the red blood cells of fish, thus killing wild fish, loach, snail, mussel, frog eggs, tadpoles and some aquatic insects. Tea saponin is easily soluble in alkaline water, add a small amount of lime water when using, the effect is better. Because of its high protein content, tea meal is an organic fertilizer, which is widely used in crops and fruit trees. It can enrich the pond with little silt and poor bottom quality. The use of tea meal as pond clearing drug has more unique efficacy than other drugs.
  Tea meal is widely used in killing insects, earthworms, ground tigers and other pests in fish ponds, paddy fields and lawns. Tea meal as a green medicine, it can be decomposed by itself, no toxic residue, no impact on the human body, safe use. The second is not to kill the weeds, the weeds have the effect of promoting growth. Third, shrimp and crab larvae have no side effects, and the emergence rate of shrimp seedlings and young crabs in breeding.
  The quality standards for tea meal are as follows: tea saponin content 12-18%, residual oil <2%, protein 12-16%, starch and sugar 30-50%, fiber 10-12%, water <12%, impurities <2%.
  Tea seed powder is widely used in washing chemical industry, machine derusting, aquaculture, golf course killing earthworms and so on.

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