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The use of tea meal

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  Tea dried cake and tea dried liquid have good gastric toxicity and killing effect on pests, and can be widely used on vegetables, rice, fruit trees, tea, flowers and other crops, to prevent and control pests such as snail, field snail, leech, rice planthopper, rice leaf hopper, sweet potato little elephant a and so on. Basically no pollution, no residual poison, durable storage, long - lasting drug effect. But saponin is poisonous to fish, do not pollute the water such as fishpond when using. It has the following applications in vegetable production.
  Prevent and cure snail with tea dried 3 ~ 4 kilograms mash, add water to soak after 8 hours, take filtrate to add water 50 ~ 75 kilograms to spray.
  Mix with fertilizer to make base fertilizer, and also treat underground pests such as small weevil beetle, grub, mole cricket, etc., use tea dried 15 ~ 20 kg/mu, grind powder, add water to soak 7 days, add grass and wood ash 50 kg/mu, mix thoroughly, do base fertilizer application before planting or planting vegetables.
  Control mole cricket directly with tea cake ground into powder, before sowing for base fertilizer application.
  Prevention of snails and slugs will be crushed tea cake, with double gauze wrapped, according to the ratio of 1∶4 tea and water into the warm water, soak for half an hour, and rub the original tea juice. After the snail and slug climb to attach the leaf, dilute the water with the original solution 500 ~ 1000 times, choose sunny or cloudy afternoon spray. Apply the drug only twice during the season of snails and slugs.
  It can be used as pesticide auxiliary synergist to add tea dry leaching liquid into pesticides, which can enhance the adhesion of pesticides on crops and insect pests, thus improving the control effect. The method is as follows: add 250 ~ 300 grams of tea dried leachate to every 50 kg of medicinal liquid, mix it thoroughly and then spray it. Tea dry leaching liquid should not be mixed with acid pesticide. But in the absorption of pesticides to add tea dried, can improve the killing effect. Attention must be mixed with use, not long - standing.
  In addition, the control effect on aphid and starscream was also very good by spraying the plant with tea residue extract. Earthworm is unfavorable to seed emergence when vegetable grows seedling, can use tea dry water to kill.
  The ancient tradition of washing hair with tea seed cake. Tea pulp contains tea saponin, protein, natural tea oil, etc., long-term use has anti-dandruff, antipruritic, go to oil, sterilization, repair damaged hair quality effect, and the obvious hair generation effect is one of nature's very good detergents.
  Shampoo method: each dosage of 50 grams or so, wrapped with gauze bag, into the boiling water about 10 minutes. Or put cloth bag in just boiled water soak, dip into water into brown, when waiting for water temperature appropriate, can begin to take cloth bag repeatedly knead with the hand, make the composition inside tea dry send out as soon as possible come out. When washing hair, water temperature is ok and proper some taller, let a hair soak more in tea dry water as far as possible, be helpful for the effective composition in tea dry to enter a hair more quickly so, also can take cloth to wrap to wipe on the head, massage appropriately, clean again.
  Heating: tea seed cake because pressed, it still contains a little oil and gas, some areas in the south, used to wait for winter heating use, the same function as charcoal, and than charcoal warm time!

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